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Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) Technology

Superfast heating at low temperatures

DBE is a heat-activated unit specifically designed to boost the heat output of our Low H2O radiators by 2 - 3 times. This reduces the need for over-sized radiators and excess energy consumption.

The smallest radiator

Lower water temperature heating systems normally require larger radiators. However, that's not the case with DBE. This makes our Low-H2O radiators with DBE the perfect partner for heat pumps.

9 times faster

Low H2O radiators with DBE heat a room 9 times faster than a standard steel panel. This means better efficiency, saving you money and energy.

Fully automatic operation

The sensor continuously measures the room temperature, reacting quickly to changes. This makes DBE more energy efficient.
What's more, a touch of the boost button provides maximum output for 15 minutes, an increase of up to 300%. This heats up a room in no time.

Quiet, powerful heating

The DBE fan unit is attached to a heat exchanger drawing air over the element. This increases the energy efficiency of the radiator as well as quietly circulating the air around the room.