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Trench Heating

trench heating diagram

What is trench heating?

Trench heating is an element placed in a frame in a formed trench in the floor and covered with a decorative grille.

How does trench heating work?

Trench heating works through convection – cold air sinks and is drawn in through the grille into the trench.The air is then warmed by the element and rises back out to heat the room. The pipes connect to the element in the same way as standard central heating system radiators and will work with boilers and renewable heat sources. 

Diagram showing how trench heating circulates air
trench heating diagram

Where can you put trench heating?

You can use trench heating around the perimeter of any room. It's ideal placed in front of doors i.e. bi-fold doors, double doors or glazed facades such as conservatories or open plan living/dining areas where there is a potential for a higher heat loss or draught.

Want trench heating for your home?

Contact our sales team who will be able to get the relevant information from you and discuss the best product options for your home.

Diagram showing how trench heating circulates airtrench heating diagram