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10 Futuristic Interior Design Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Posted by Jaga - 08 February 2016 Tips & Advice

1. Magic eye kitchen

Image courtesy of: http://greenduo.net/p/3631/futuristic-interior-design/futuristic-interior-design-amazing-ideas-5-on-architecture-ideas/

This kitchen is striking because, at first glance, you can’t be sure what’s what. Where do the kitchen counters begin and the walls end? The design of the room brings to mind the design of a spaceship, especially with the colour scheme being grey and white. This is definitely the kind of kitchen that would monopolise conversation at dinner parties…if you ever establish where the chairs are actually located!

2. Sauna style living room

Image courtesy of: https://www.thefhd.net/futuristic-design-ideas/futuristic-interior-design-with-red-blood-flooring/

Now here’s a living room that would be the envy of all your family and friends. Ok – so not everyone will have a view as spectacular as this but this design would work no matter whether you are looking out on a huge or small garden, a patio or even just another house! The smooth curve of the wooden seating area is absolutely stunning and extremely modern and brings to mind more of a relaxation area in a sauna than a living room. The perfect place to relax, enjoy the view and a warm fire.

3. Star Wars kitchen

courtesy of: http://dreamfunhouse.com/interior-design/futuristic-interior-design-in-eye-catcher-colors-and-shapes/attachment/futuristic-interior-design2

This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who like a bit of futuristic design and perhaps a Star Wars type theme, this kitchen would be ideal. Again, we have a grey and white colour scheme going on here, which reinforces the idea of a space-like environment, which is always going to feel futuristic. Add to this the different coloured lights on the wall, in a light-sabre type style and there you have it – a Star Wars kitchen.

4. A bedroom pod

Image courtesy of: http://decoholic.org/2013/07/29/26-futuristic-bedroom-designs/

Pods are becoming ever more popular as people become more adventurous with their interior design. Here you can see a bed pod within a larger bedroom. Having a pod like this does take up a lot of bedroom space, so this is something to be aware of but if you can fit one in, they do look very trendy! You can also accessorise them in a variety of ways, from adding different, multi-coloured lighting and shelves to installing a television (or even two!)

5. Flintstone inspired living room

Image courtesy of: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/14073817556455983/

The Flintstones might well have been cave people many many years ago but despite this you can’t help but see this design as rather futuristic. With the pebble lights on the wall and the curve of the walls, light fittings and doors, this living room truly doesn’t belong with the traditional designs that we are used to seeing. Add to this the grass style carpeting and you’ve truly got a futuristic design on your hands.

6. Sandy lounge

Image courtesy of: http://www.archiii.com/2013/09/hotel-q-design-by-graft/

This futuristic interior design concept deserves its place on the list because of its absolute simplicity. It is literally a room full of sand with a very simple seating area. This room belongs to someone who recognises that their living room doesn’t need anything more than a comfy area in which to relax in. The person enjoying this room can sit on the sand to watch TV or kick back on their reclining seat, all with the feeling that they might actually be on a beach somewhere hot. Lovely.

7. Canopy bedroom

Image courtesy of: http://www.homenhome.org/modern-canopy-bed-minimalist-room.html/modern-canopy-bed-built-in-tv

Just like the pod bed, this canopy encloses the actual bed into a smaller area. Unlike the pod bed, this canopy bed style is a lot lighter and the overall design much more simple looking. It would therefore suit someone who, perhaps, doesn’t want to feel as enclosed as they might do in a firmer pod. This canopy bed style brings to mind a kind of elven lair…perhaps from Lord of the Rings but with the addition of a TV instead of magical swords, wands and rings!

8. Study or the beach?

Image courtesy of: http://www.demilked.com/surfing-with-the-sand-between-my-toes-justin-kemp/

Even if you have all the new tech stuff you can possible have, it can still be quite difficult to make a study look futuristic, design wise. So, in this case it’s more about how modern interior design methods can ensure you feel relaxed whilst hard at work. What better way than to have a sandpit under your feet whilst you’re typing away at your computer?

Having sand inside the house is a relatively new (therefore ‘modern’) trend, although before you go all gung ho and install your very own internal sandpit, it might be worth thinking about the implications of having sand inside…

9. Space-saving dining table ball

Image courtesy of: http://dornob.com/futuristic-transforming-dining-room-table-and-chairs-set/

If this dining table ‘ball’ was closed when you entered the dining room, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was some elaborate tech toy. But no, this new design, once opened reveals a dining table, chairs and a bright central light, as well as lights within the hood which overhangs the table. The design is smooth and clean and would certainly create an interesting talking point to those you invite round for dinner.

10. Twilight bedroom

Image courtesy of: https://www.thefhd.net/tron-legacy-movie-home-design-great-inspiration-for-futuristic-interior/bedroom-design-in-tron-legacy-inspiration-for-home-designing-futuristic-interiors/

The interior design of this room is all about the lighting, although obviously the furniture helps a lot! The tree-like piece of furniture in the room makes it feel like you could be sleeping outside but without all the dirt and without being subject to the elements.

Whilst this bedroom feels quite futuristic it also feels very whimsical, as if it could feature in one of the Twilight movies or even a scene from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you feel like playing a character in a movie, this could be just the bedroom for you! 

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