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How can I cut my electricty bill?

Posted by Jaga - 29 September 2016 Tips & Advice

Useful tips to cut your electricity bills this year

With energy costs on the rise, paying for utility bills is an increasing problem for many families. Focusing on a few key areas around the house, saving electricity is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your monthly spending on bills.

Electric heating & hot water

An electric heating system is more expensive to run than gas central heating. If you are using night time storage heaters you will be able to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates by using an Economy 7 meter.

Ensure the heater’s thermostat is set to the lowest comfortable temperature. In winter, wearing a light jumper inside will allow you to reduce the room temperature to around 20C, saving electricity and money. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that by reducing your thermostat by just 1°C you can save £80-£85 per year.


Electric showers are also high-energy users. You can, however, reduce the shower pressure, shower at a lower temperature or take shorter showers. These small measures will add up over time and save money, on your electricity and water bill too.

Insulating hot water storage tanks will only cost about £20 and the savings can add up to more than twice the amount per year. You don’t have to hire an expert you can simply buy a new water tank jacket and install it yourself.


LED bulbs have become very affordable over the last few years and are the most energy efficient way to light your home. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that the average household can save £35 per year by replacing old fashioned bulbs and halogen bulbs with LEDs.

Turning off lights when not needed can save you £15 off your annual energy bill.


Gadgets & appliances

With almost every household owning mobile phones, tablets, computers and TVs, the number of items using electricity has vastly increased.

Make sure to unplug chargers that are not in use so they don’t consume electricity unnecessarily. Modern LED TVs use very little energy in standby mode, but making sure set-top boxes, stereos and video recorders are switched off completely will make a difference.

Upgrading kitchen appliances like fridges, freezers and washing machines to energy efficient models will save more than the initial investment over time. Only switch on the washing machine when full and fill the kettle only with as much water as required. Freezers work less efficiently when there is a large amount of frost built up inside, so defrost your freezer anually.

Using ovens, hobs and dishwashers efficiently can also save electricity and reduce your bill, take a look at these 101 energy saving tips.

Switching electricity suppliers

You might be paying too much for your electricity without being aware of it. To see if you are still getting the best deal from your current supplier, you need to know your energy consumption.

The easiest way to find out how much energy you use is to check a recent bill. All electricity bills will show the amount of electricity consumed measured in kilowatt hours (kWh).

Using a comparison website like uSwitch, you can check how much you could save off your bills by switching to a different supplier.

Often, savings can also be made by contacting your current supplier to see if there is a cheaper tariff available. Discounts are available with most suppliers if you pay by direct debit or sign up to a duel fuel tariff.

All of these small savings add up, meaning you could afford a weekend away, a Michelin stared restaurant meal for two or extra money in your pocket when you need it most.

If you have any additional energy saving tips please email us at jagahomeheating@jaga.co.uk

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