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Working From Home Stylish Outdoor Studio Spaces

Posted by Jaga - 10 February 2017 Tips & Advice

With more people taking hold of their working lives and choosing to work independently, it’s important to ensure you have an effective work space.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, designer, or artist it’s essential that you have a space that isn’t just ‘another room in the house’. Having a studio space helps take your mind away from home and into your work. Take a look at some of the most inspiring outdoor studio spaces we’ve come across.

Top 4 Garden Studio Retreats:



Photo: Photo supplied by Green Studios

Source: http://www.green-studios.com/our-products/garden-offices/

This simple and stylish studio space was designed and created by green studios, with a large amount of glass across the front of the office it helps to make the most of any natural light. The main concern with ‘sheds at the end of the garden’ is the lack of any sunlight, making it a dingy and depressing place to work. This space can not only be an effective office space, but it can double up as guest accommodation or a kids play den.



Photo: Photo supplied by Eco Space Studios

Source: http://www.ecospacestudios.com/portfolio/studio/

This simple, yet stylish design from Eco Space Studios shows what can be done with an office space using only sustainable materials. Each studio space uses sustainably sourced wood, effective natural insulation, and the option of a sedum roof to give a full natural look and feel to the space. Using their website you can configure your own space, depending on the size of your needs, and see how this could look in your garden before taking the plunge. If you’re serious about standing up for sustainable builds and being part of the eco movement, these studio spaces are definitely worth a look.



Photo: Photo supplied by Dezeen

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2014/10/19/bussum-garden-studio-serge-schoemaker-architects-netherlands/

This Dutch example of an outdoor space was created primarily as an extra space for studying, bikes, garden tools and a guest room. With this many uses the design had to be simple but able to fulfil all of its uses, so there needed to be an element of homeliness to it. Using different sized pieces of plywood sections of the building were pieced together like a jigsaw to fit in with the buildings angular look. The aim of the building was to make the you feel as if you were nestled within the garden whenever you looked out. Creating a light and airy interior within the building it helped to contrast against the dark and sharp exterior.



Photo: Photo supplied by Dezeen

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2012/04/02/designed-in-hackney-the-hackney-shed-by-office-sian/

This outdoor space in London proves you haven’t got to spend thousands to get the look and extra room you’re after. With exposed structural columns the studio space has an unfinished feel to it, adding to the urban style. The large glass skylights that fit between the wooden beams, matched with an impressive sliding oak framed door help bring a bit of nature into the work space. With such limited space available in inner city parts of London this studio space gives you an unrivalled commute tucked away from the hustle and bustle. As well as a snug work space it can also double as a quiet reading room.

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