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  • Description

    Geo Vertical Connection Set 51 is for use with Geo 1800 (h) x 600 (w) radiators where pipework comes from the wall or floor, both valve options are included. Thermostatic head and pipework will need to be installed on the right for this connection set.

    See Geo Vertical Connection Set 52 (600 wide) for pipework that will be on the left.

  • Tech Specs

    - chrome plated valve for connection to pipe work from the wall.
    - TRV head can be placed on the left or right
    - flow left or right, independent from the position of the thermostatic head
    - with synthetic spindle for pre-setting during installation
    - balancing valve Kv 0.30-2.50 m3/h
    - conforms to EN 215.1

  • Installation

    Geo Vertical Connection Set 51 (600 wide)

    Geo Vertical Connection Set 51 (600 wide)
    Mounting Instructions

Geo Vertical Connection Set 51 (600 Wide - Pipework Right)

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