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  • Description

    The Jaga Iguana Circo Wall is a timeless semi-circular sculpture with a symbolic design: the top view of the radiator resembles a child's drawing of a radiating sun. No ugly visible collectors, just simple yet elegant aesthetics and natural rhythm. The symbolic value of the Iguana is unique. Available in white or sandblast grey.

  • Tech Specs


    Consists of vertical triangular steel radiation pipes, welded on steel positioning brackets. The radiation pipes are hydraulically connected using steel bends. Suitable for two-pipe central heating systems.Supplied with wall brackets and 2 air vents G 1/8”. Central connection, standard for 2-pipe systems.


    The radiators are sandblasted, degreased, phosphated, electrostatically lacquered with epoxy-polyester powder and finally stove enamelled at 200 °C. This high quality finish offers optimal scratch resistance and is very easy to maintain.

    • Thickness of the lacquer: min 80 µ
    • Pressure test: 9 bar
    • Working pressure: 6 bar


    The radiator is lacquered in the colour sandblast grey metallic 001 / white (RAL 9016)


    All options have the same radius as the radiator. They can also be ordered and fitted retrospectively.

    • Towel rail and fixings in chrome-plated aluminium.
    • Hat rack and fixings in chrome-plated aluminium. Including 5 coat hooks.
    • Small shelf in beech veneer with chrome-plated fixings. Shelf width: 10 cm.
    • Large shelf in beech veneer with chrome-plated fixings. Shelf width: 17 cm.
    • Deco connection sets and valves


    Length (mm)
    270mm 310mm
    1800 801w 946w

    Iguana Circo Wall Technical Specifications.

  • Installation

    Note: We recommend that installation is undertaken by a competent plumber or heating engineer. When mounting, do make sure that the surface onto which the radiator is fixed will provide a secure location for fixings.

    Iguana Circo Wall Installation Guide

    Iguana Circo Wall Venting Instructions


    Check that the fixings pack includes all of the items detailed on the mounting instructions. Please note that no valves are included.

    On the chart

    Take the length of the Circo (diameter) then take “C” for the corresponding bracket hook centres, i.e. 31.3cm = C108mm bracket centres.

    Fig 1a, 1b & 2
    Mark out fixing positions, drill holes and mount the bracket hooks using the bolts supplied.

    Fig 3 &4,
    Mount the Circo by removing the packaging and lifting it high enough so that the back location slots will locate over the wall bracket and then slide down into place.

    Fig 5,
    Carefully fit the threaded air vents on both sides.

    Fig 6
    Plumb Circo in as shown using PTFE tape if necessary (refer to valve installation instructions). The flow and return can be either side but ensure that the valves are correctly positioned.

    Fig 7
    Close the Return valve & open the Flow by 10%. Water should be allowed to flow in slowly to prevent the formation of airlocks. Vent from the air vent on the side opposite from the flow in. Once the radiator is filled with water close the air vent and open both valves fully. 

Iguana Circo Wall

A child's drawing of the sun shining.

Inspired by a child’s drawing, the Iguana Circo is an interpretation of the brightly shining sun, transformed into a fully functional work of art.  Iguana has the essential, natural yet light hearted touch that creates a feeling of real warmth in its modern design. It’s heating straight from the soul.  Iguana Circo was the first “sun radiator”. 

Available as a wall model, freestanding or to assemble around architectural columns.  Please contact customer service for more information.

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Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE)

DBE technology is specifically designed to boost outputs of radiators on low temperature systems such as heat pumps or where sizes need to be reduced. DBE quietly warms a room up to 9 times faster than an equivalent steel panel radiator.

Valves available after you have added to basket

This radiator comes with a 10 year guarantee and a 3 year guarantee on any Jaga valves