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  • Description

    This gorgeous Rococco designer piece hangs on your wall like a work of art, drawing all eyes to it... 

    The result of a collaboration with artist Joris Laarman, the Jaga Heatwave pushes the boundaries of heating, offering a true ART RADIATOR. 

    Made from lightweight concrete and aluminium reinforced by glass fibre, it is displayed on the wall as a warming piece of art, comprising up to four interconnecting shapes that can be arranged and extended to form highly individual designs. This unique radiator with its intricate design provides a large surface area, so the output is just as impressive as its looks.

    This intriguing modular heating system is the first to unite the fine details of artistic design, true craftmanship and industrial efficiency. The result is an expressive design with maximum surface area to release warmth.

    The Heatwave brings beauty and power together. 

    Standard colours: Matt Black, Light Grey.
    Also available in other coloursContact us for details. 

    Each Heatwave is made to order. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

  • Tech Specs


    The Heatwave is a modular radiator cast from polyconcrete, which is composed of a mixture between mineral and synthetic materials. The modules can be joined together very easily. Inside the Heatwave the water flows through AISI 304 specification stainless steel tubing. As standard the Heatwave is available in four compositions and two stone colours. The surface of the Heatwave is smooth, matt and seamless.

    Central heating system:

    Pressure test: 8 bar
    Working pressure: 6 bar

    Standard colours

    Light Grey and Black matt

    Provided with a nickel plated manual valve with handwheel.

    Connection to the wall

    2 x 1/2” male (extension included) or connection on manual valve: 2x M24 19/”. Stainless steel wall fixings are supplied together with a paper template to help the installer when mounting the radiator. The Heatwave can be mounted in any orientation through 360°. The heat output calculations are provided in accordance with European standard EN442 (75/65/20°C). The manual Heatwave valve (included in set) can be connected to plastic central heating service pipes, synthetic tube, RPE/ALU, copper tube or steel pipe.


    Small = 12 kg
    Medium = 24 kg
    Large = 48 kg
    Extra-large = 72 kg

    Air venting

    Inside the Heatwave there is a flexible stainless steel tube following the contours of the Heatwave. As a result of this construction no accumulation of air is possible. It may be necessary to carry out air venting elsewhere in the central heating system if accumulation occurs (eg. in pipe work, boiler or manifold without automatic air vents). 

  • Installation

    Note: We recommend that installation is undertaken by a competent plumber or heating engineer. When mounting, do make sure that the surface onto which the radiator is fixed will provide a secure location for fixings.

    Please refer to our Installation Guides below

    Heatwave (Extra Large) Installation Guide

    Heatwave (Large) Installation Guide

    Heatwave (Medium) Installation Guide


Award-winning Rococo design by Joris Laarman. 4 interconnecting pieces to suit your space. Uniquely designed valves.

Each Heatwave is made to order. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

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Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE)

DBE technology is specifically designed to boost outputs of radiators on low temperature systems such as heat pumps or where sizes need to be reduced. DBE quietly warms a room up to 9 times faster than an equivalent steel panel radiator.

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This radiator comes with a 10 year guarantee and a 3 year guarantee on any Jaga valves