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  • Description

    The Jaga Knockonwood is the very first wooden radiator. The beautifully designed simple yet elegant covering has been finished with the noblest veneer. Durable wood that curves gracefully along the wall. The Jaga Knockonwood’s warm power radiates from its Low-H2O core, which guarantees energy savings and greater heating comfort.

    Available in 3 types of wood - beech, maple and oak.

    • DBE "boost" option also available

  • Tech Specs


    • Low-H2O heat exchanger is composed of round, seamless circulation tubes made of pure redcopper, with pure aluminium fins and two brass collectors for left or right connection
    • Air vent 1/8” and drain plug 1/2” are included
    • Pressure test: 20 bar Working pressure: 10 bar


    • Galvanized steel plate thickness 1mm, dark grey lacquered, with a maximum intermediate distance of 1.05m


    • Pre-fitted and supplied in one single piece, consisting of:
      • Front panel with grille made from a single curved, finished wood laminate panel at least 16mm thick.
      • FSC-labelled Sides and chassis made from electrolytic galvanized steel plate 1.25mm thick, fitted with a hole underneath for use with an integrated Jaga valve, including metallized cover plate for the unused hole
      • Strong and functional packaging, can be used as a protective cover during construction works


    • Heat exchanger electrostaticaly lacquered with anthracite grey epoxypolyester R AL 7024, gloss degree 70%.
    • Sides and chassis lacquered in the colour sandblast grey metallic, in a scratch resistant epoxy-polyester powder, sprayed electrostatically and baked at a temperature of 200°C.
    • UV resistant due to ASTM G53 Front panel with grille finished in veneer, inside koto veneer, outside in: oak / beech /maple (FSC-labelled)

    Product information

    • The surface temperature remains safe at all times, even at a water temperature of 90°C.
    • Knockonwood complies with the safety requirement DHSS DN4 1992
    • Manufacturer: Jaga Type: Knockonwood
    • Outputs measured in accordance with EN442, at a water temperature of 75/65°C and a room temperature of 20°C (?T=50°C)


    EN442 Output Rating Type:

    Code Height Length Output
    KNOW.013449 300 600 452
    KNOW.013449 add DBE Unit 300 600 602
    KNOW.004461 300 1000 754
    KNOW.004461 add DBE Unit 300 1000 1054
    KNOW.004560 300 1400 1056
    KNOW.004560 add DBE Unit 300 1400 1356
    KNOW.004713 550 600 660
    KNOW.004713 add DBE Unit 550 600 810
    KNOW.004812 550 1000 1100
    KNOW.004812 add DBE Unit 550 1000 1400
    KNOW.004911 550 1400 1540
    KNOW.004911 add DBE Unit 550 1400 1840

    Output measured in accordance with EN442, at a water temperature of 75/65°C and a room temperature of 20°C (?T=50). See the 'Downloads' section below for correction factor tables.

    (To convert Watts to BTU's multiply by 3.414) - See more at: /products/knockonwood.html#sthash.BmySQ2HV.dpuf

    Knockonwood Technical Specifications

  • Installation

    Take a look at our installation video for Knockonwood.

    Note: We recommend that installation is undertaken by a competent plumber or heating engineer. When mounting, do make sure that the surface onto which the radiator is fixed will provide a secure location for fixings.

    Knockonwood Installation Guide

    The instructions below are designed to be read in conjunction with the downloadable Knockonwood Installation Guide above.


    Check that the fixings pack includes all of the items detailed on the mounting instructions. Please note that no valves are included.

    On the chart

    To determine the rawl plug fixing positions, Take “L” the Length of the Knockonwood then measure 14.6cm in from the selected valve side now measure 10.7cm in from the opposite side

    Fig 1, 2 & 3
    Ensure the distance of h* (the distance from the floor to the underneath of the Knockonwood)
    Mark out fixing positions, drill holes and mount the bracket hooks using the bolts supplied.

    Fig 4,
    Mount the element on the lower bracket hooks.
    Plumb the Knockonwood in as shown using PTFE tape if necessary (refer to valve installation instructions). The return pipe position is indicated on the Jaga Pro-Valve, please ensure that the flow and return are correctly plumbed in.

    Fig 5, 5a
    Fit casing

    Fig 6
    Fit Trv Head

    Fig 7, 7a & 8
    Fit valve side cover plate

    Fig 7b
    Fit Jaga blanking plate to opposite side of the casing


Beautifully designed simple yet elegant

Completely pre-assembled casing with curved wooden shell finished in high-grade veneer. Part of the Low-H2O range with an ultra fast heat exchanger the Knockonwood range offers you uncompromised style and the ultimate comfort.

Limited stock available, please contact customer services to discuss availability on 01531 631 533

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Find out more about DBE

Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE)

DBE technology is specifically designed to boost outputs of radiators on low temperature systems such as heat pumps or where sizes need to be reduced. DBE quietly warms a room up to 9 times faster than an equivalent steel panel radiator.

Valves available after you have added to basket

30 year guarantee on the heat emitter

10 year guarantee on casings and components

3 year guarantee on valves

DBE-equipped Jaga radiators warm a room up 9 times faster than an equivalent steel panel radiator. They can also deliver a quick boost of heat at the touch of a button.