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  • Description

    Bright and colourful, beautiful design, energy efficient and safe, Play4Boy is the perfect radiator for children's bedrooms. Its range of standard colours lets you choose the right Play radiator for a girl or for a boy, whilst the modern Piano and subtle White versions give you more choice and the opportunity to match your interior design style. 

    The Play radiator was designed with childrens' safety in mind. The casing never gets hot, The unique fully integral thermostatic valve and pipework can be concealed inside the casing and Jaga's Low-H2O heat exchanger helps keep energy bills at bay. Pair with Jaga's innovative DBE technology for even greater power and efficiency. 

    This radiator can be installed as part of any standard wet central heating system, including those powered by highly energy efficient heat pumps.

    Colourful, fun, safe

    Exciting range of standard colours

    • Safe, Low Surface Temperature casing
    • Low-H2O technology cuts energy consumption without reducing output.
    • DBE "boost" option also available.
    • Pre-assembled for easy installation
    • Includes integral thermostatic valve set for easy connection

  • Tech Specs


    Casing in MDF with polyurethane paint and anodized aluminium spacer rings

    • easy to remove when required 
    • safe surface temperature, even at high water temperatures 
    • Integral valve with integrated control 
    • metal pencil-proof grille and side panels 
    • lacquered in blue and green

    Low-H2O heat exchanger made from pure copper and aluminium
     totally non-corrosive

    • 30 year guarantee 
    • pressure tested: 20 bar 
    • with dirt-repellent and dust-proof lacquer in graphite grey ( RAL 7024) 
    • high heat output achieved with normal and lower flow temperatures 
    • rapid heating up speed thanks to super low mass and water content


    EN442 Output Rating Type:

    Code Height Length Type Watts
    PLAW.05008011/GIR/TPB 500 800 11 913  
    PLAW.05008011/GIR/TPB/DBE 500 800 11 1213 522
    PLAW.05012011/GIR/TPB 500 1200 11 1369  
    PLAW.05012011/GIR/TPB/DBE 500 1200 11 1969 847

  • Installation

    Note: We recommend that installation is undertaken by a competent plumber or heating engineer. When mounting, do make sure that the surface onto which the radiator is fixed will provide a secure location for fixings.

    Take a look at the installation video below.

    Play installation Guide

    The instructions below should be used in conjunction with the downloadable installation guide above.


    Check that the fixings pack includes all of the items detailed on the mounting instructions. Please note that valve set TPB, with connection on the right, is supplied.

    On the chart

    To determine the rawl plug fixing positions, Take “L” the Length of the Play then measure 18.7cm from the sides

    Fig 1
    Remove the casing from the brackets

    Fig 2, 3 & 4

    Ensure the distance of h* (the distance from the floor to the underneath of the Play)
    Mark out fixing positions, drill holes and mount the bracket hooks using the bolts supplied.

    Option Valve – Fig 1 - 6,
    Plumb the Play in as shown using PTFE tape if necessary (refer to valve installation instructions). The return pipe position is indicated on the Jaga Pro-Valve, please ensure that the flow and return are correctly plumbed in. Elbows are provided to turn the pipework to the wall if required.


Playful warmth, colourful comfort. 

Play4Boy is a natural choice for children's bedrooms with its vibrant colour options. The casing will never become too hot, and the soft rounded corners make our Play range a safer, but exciting radiator choice.

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Find out more about DBE

Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE)

DBE technology is specifically designed to boost outputs of radiators on low temperature systems such as heat pumps or where sizes need to be reduced. DBE quietly warms a room up to 9 times faster than an equivalent steel panel radiator.

Valves included in price

30 year guarantee on the heat emitter

10 year guarantee on casings and components

3 year guarantee on valves

DBE-equipped Jaga radiators warm a room up 9 times faster than an equivalent steel panel radiator. They can also deliver a quick boost of heat at the touch of a button.