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Your Guarantee

Your Jaga radiator is guaranteed for either 10 or 30 years depending on whether you choose one of our decorative or energy savers range. We offer long guarantees because we have spent many years developing our products and we believe in their quality.

1. The guarantee is valid only if the equipment is properly and correctly used, by its first owner and if installed in accordance with the norms and instructions as detailed in the instruction leaflet and current industry standard practices. 

2. The guarantee only applies to the equipment and the spare parts supplied by Jaga. Jaga has the choice between repair and replacement of the equipment or the spare parts. If any modifications have been made by Jaga to the standard product design, Jaga reserves the right to replace the guaranteed equipment with equivalent products or spare parts. 

3. The period of guarantee is mentioned in this certificate. The guarantee decreases every year on a straight line basis by an equal percentage in order to reach a zero guarantee at the end of the guarantee period (e.g. for a period of 10 years the annual decrease of the guarantee is 10% of the invoiced value). Repaired or replaced product is guaranteed through to the end of the original guarantee period. 

4. The guarantee is valid only on products displaying the appropriate identification information concerning product type and series. No guarantee is granted on equipment or spare parts lacking this information, on equipment where this information has been removed or altered, or on equipment that has been repaired or modified by persons not authorised by Jaga to carry out this work. 

5. The customer is responsible for any damage caused as a result of errors in installation or use of incorrect fittings, or for any damage caused by electrical connections, faulty or damaged electrical installations or appliances, erroneous voltage or hydraulic pressure and all other errors not directly related to the product delivered by Jaga. The guarantee is also revoked when unsuitable parts or components are used. The guarantee for our heat exchangers is not valid if they are regularly drained, or if they are heated by means of industrial water, steam or water saturated by excessive quantities of oxygen. The quality of the system water has to be in accordance with the VDI 2035-2 directives. The guarantee is also not applicable if the heat exchangers are placed in unsuitable atmospheric surroundings, such as but not exclusively ammonia, caustic substances etc. 

6. This guarantee excludes damage due to incorrect handling and/or use of the equipment, or due to formation of lime deposits, incorrect use of the safety valve, or to all equipment that is incorporated into the building in a way that means it cannot be accessed normally. 

7. Any work undertaken or product supplied as a result of a guarantee claim that proves not to be valid will be charged for. Product supplied will be invoiced at the customer’s standard purchasing terms, and labour will be charged at £50 per hour with a minimum labour charge of £200. 

8. The guarantee period starts from the date of the invoice for supply of the products covered by the guarantee. If the invoice is not available, the date of production will be used based on the product ID number/ series. 

9. Only the courts of judicial district Hasselt (Belgium) are authorised to deal with disputes arising from this guarantee. It will apply Belgian law even when sales involved are subjects of EU member states as well as non-EU member countries.

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