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The Jaga Philosophy

We are guided by five values, held high by every employee and these are used to guide us in all decisions whether it be in new product development or the paper we print on.

Respect Nature illustration

1. Respect nature

Use innovative materials and production techniques, not only for better performance, but to find a path which goes beyond design and helps protect the environment.

2. Awake the artist

Lower water temperature heating systems normally require larger radiators. However, that's not the case with DBE. This makes our Low-H2O radiators with DBE the perfect partner for heat pumps.

Visual comparison of radiator sizes - with and without DBE
Dream a Future illustration

3. Dream a future

Future vision is at the heart of all Jaga products. It is about developing new technologies for better heating systems which make for a cleaner climate and environment. We must utilise our collective intelligence to bring sensible and sustainable resources into production techniques and thereby find ever more ecological and sustainable paths to the future.

4. Create emotion

Life is not just about products and material goods. Life is about passion, emotions and dynamism! At Jaga our products and fervour are united and we want to share this with the world. We must use all of our positive life experiences to produce the most exciting and unique designs. With art at the centre of Jaga’s spirit, we have the capacity to make a difference to people’s moods, actions, and everyday experiences.

Create emotion icon
Respect Nature illustration

5. Building bridges

Share knowledge, build a network, look for other open-minded companies and people. Unite forces to build better products and a better world. The key to innovation is based upon the union of economists and creative souls